Ocean Patio Tumbler 290ml


Although it’s a glass, but still a tuff and highly durable for ruff-and-tuff people drink juice, water, drink or anything you wish. It’s a multipurpose presentation by ocean glassware’s.

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Brand:- Ocean.
Suitable For:- Water, Juice, Mocktail.
product code:- 1B18310
Type:- Set of 6 Glasses.
product Name:- Patio tumbler.
Capacity in ml:- 290 ml.
Color:- Clear.
DIMENSIONS in mm:- 64, Foot Diameter in mm:- 47, x Maximum Diameter in mm:- 69, x Height in mm:- 110.
Material:- Glass
Glass Type:- Multipurpose.
Freezer Safe:- yes
dishwasher Safe:- Yes.


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