Lyra ring 350ml, set of 6


something for everything… exactly the lyra ring 350 ml glass is designed for the same!
whether it be Daly use, or your party, it fit everyware.

So a ring in your finger and a ring in your hands! Like it?
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Spread the love; help us grow

LYRA, the Future Inspired Glassware has been created by M/s Excel House wares Pvt. Ltd as a Range of Extremely Stylish and Modern Glassware. Shapes and Designs developed to offer a Wide Assortment of Light Weight and economical Glassware Products for the Daily use of the Retail Customers. Each of our Product Ranges has been carefully identified and developed to provide a Value Addition in the Lifestyle of our Customers providing them with Satisfaction and Happiness. Our Team of Efficient Designers work towards creating a Range of Modern Designs to help improve the Lifestyle of our Customers. With our Motto of “Future Inspired Glassware” we commit to offer a Wide Range of Quality Glassware and Kitchenware Products to our Customers. lyra ring350ml. a multipurpose glass. You can use it to drink water or coldrink etc. this long glass is perfect and easy to hold while using it.
following is the specifications:
product type – set of 6glasses
glass type -Multipurpose

product packaging -6 pieces glasses
color -clear
material -glass
capacity in ml -350
suteable for -Water, Coldrink, Coldmilk, Lassi, Moktell, cold milk etc
Width (cm) -21.5
Height (cm) -13
Diameter (cm) -8

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