Chandra Bazaar, Brownie Iron Sizzler Plate/Tray with Wooden Base (5 inch, Brown and Black)


Some very special guests at home? Or just simply in mood of partying? or have made that yummy brownie ice-cream with hot chocolate at your home , then look no further, because presentation also does matter Afterall? This sizzler plate will give elegant look to your food, and it’s a proven fact, food that looks good it adds up the extra taste on it.

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Brand Name: Chandra Bazaar
Size: 8×6 cm
Color: bass color:- brown and iron plate color: black
Material Type:Wooden base: 8 x 6 inches Iron Plate: 5 inches Round
Sheesham wood and cast iron
Included Components: 1pc wooden base and 1 pc iron plate.
•Ideal for Home, Motels, Restaurant , Bar ,Kitchen , parties etc.
• easy to use, durable and long lasting product as wooden base has made using good quality sheesham wood and iron is also strong
for better life of the product, clean the wooden base with the dry loth after cleaning it.
Precaution after using iron plate: just wash it with hot water and scrub it with whatever you like. Dry it with a towel, and put it back on the burner. Allow the high heat to evaporate any remaining water left. When it cools again, apply a very light coat of oil to the plate with a paper towel. This will keep any moisture in the air from causing rust while the plates are stored. For any more minute details please read about it on the internet

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