Chandra Bazaar, 21-compartments Swirl Chocolate Mould, Transparent -Various Designs


People spends thouzents of rupies to learn the art of making chocklete and if you have this art, we are sure that people would admire you often for this special art you have.
What if your art and a good designer mound comes together?
You must try this to feel it yourself.
please note,
To clean, simply wash under the hot tap – detergent is generally not needed. Take care not to touch the insides of the cells of the mould as fingerprints can be a pain to get rid of and will spoil the finish of your final product. The inside surface of moulds can be polished with cotton wool.

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Spread the love; help us grow

Color Name: transparent
Size: 27.5 x 17.5 x 2.5 cm ; 254 g
Enclosure Material: acrilic
•Latest 21 compartments pc polycarbonate plastic sugar craft mold for chocolate bake supplies
•Polycarbonate chocolate mould, ideal for professional (or budding) chocolatiers
•Polycarbonate chocolate moulds are tough, strong and rigid, this makes them ideal for making filled chocolates Even better
•Even better – you can stack several one on top of each other in the fridge without causing damage to the chocolates in moulds below
•Fill the cells with tempered chocolate, tip out excess chocolate and then remove any excess chocolate from the surface using a bench scraper


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