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Forgot switching on room freshener due to sudden arrival of guests, lack of time and energy? Forget switching on the room freshener. No more bad breath, body odor, onions or fishes’ smells at home, offices and public lobbies. the automatic perfume dispenser is fully automatic light sensor enabled and automated air freshening machine. It works at regular intervals, instantly freshening the area where installed and is available in a variety of fragrances.
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ChandraBazaar brings an fully automated perfume dispenser for you,
Following are the specifications:
The automatic Perfume dispenser comes with a refill that gives you (3000) times perfume sprays in total. You can set the desired duration on which the dispenser will spray the perfume automatically.
You can choose the time durations for the sprays; can also choose the day time or night hrs.
The dispenser comes with 1 free refill and required battery with the sales package.
The refills are available in many flavors.
The machine is made using high-quality plastic. It has built in holes to fit it any ware according to your convenience
It has the following dementions: 20 cm in length; 9cm in hight; 22 cm in breaths. And weighs 800 Gms along with the refill.


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