8Pcs Plastic Measuring Cup and Spoon Set, black


Set of 8pcs thick hard wearing black stackable measuring cups, with double pour sides a flawless kitchen accessory. All come stacked together on a ring thumb rest on each handle each cup has several different sizes from smallest to largest cups. You have learnt to cook a healthy yet yummy dish but wait, there is a problem! How to exactly measure the correct quantity of each ingredients?
We got you covered! Now Correct amount of salt, oil, masalas, and other ingredients, and you are good to go with your dish! If you are using this product, now no more extra salt, oil or pepper in your food!

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• Colour: Black, Material: durable, food grade Plastic
• Package Contents: 1-Piece Spoon (2.5ml), 1-Piece Spoon (5ml), 1-Piece Spoon (7.5ml), 1-Piece Spoon (15 ml), 1-Piece Spoon (60ml), 1-Piece Spoon (80ml), 1-Piece Spoon (120ml) and 1-Piece Spoon (240ml)
• Food grade quality
• Must wash by hands, but also can be washed in dishwashers,

• Long lasting, durable product, designed for right and left-hand use
• Compact design so that cups snap together securely.

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